Sounds of the City – Mexico City

27th June 2019

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Sounds of the City – Mexico City
« Our guide to exploring the sprawling sounds of Mexico’s capital »

Mexico’s largest city is a hotspot for music and a cultural hub within the Americas. Artists from the US, Spain and South America are regularly passing through, making it a melting pot of musical styles and influences. It’s a place where the locals like to party, and rich musical heritage meets contemporary young creativity.


Before we delve into the local scene, let’s look at one of the city’s most famous large-scale venues, which regularly welcomes titans of the music scene to the capital. Palacio de los Deportes is an indoor arena playing host to some of the biggest pop and rock artists in the world, with recent performers including Twenty One Pilots, Florence and the Machine, and Muse. If you’re looking to go wild with 20,000 other fans, check out which music demigods are ripping up this famous stage next.

Mexico’s hottest new music flavours

Mexico loves its guitar music and Mexico City is a hotbed for emerging underground talent. You’ll find music paving the colourful streets up and down the city with hundreds of small bars and pop-up stages hosting local and new talent. New venue La Capilla De Los Muertos is a great little spot to discover emerging indie and alternative acts, and it’s one with an unusual entrance – you come in through a hidden door at the back of a pizza restaurant to find bands playing in an intimate live setting! Across the city, there’re always many shows happening at the same time, and another venue worth checking is Multiforo Alicia. This established rock club is well known for its great atmosphere and alternative crowd, and you’ll perhaps discover the hottest new local acts before they move to bigger venues.


After an evening spent catching live music, there’s no shortage of late-night clubs to party on into the early hours. AM Local has been serving the city’s electro-heads for over 10 years and remains a local institution. Set over three floors with wonderfully garish florescent lights, the club welcomes casual and hardcore fans alike, offering up different genres on each level, so expect to hear anything from classic deep house to leftfield techno depending on the night. For those wanting something more niche, check out Yu Yu, a unique 130-person capacity club that plays cutting-edge underground electronic music, and has hosted Boiler Room sessions in the past.

Some of the world’s best outdoor parties

For an epic music festival experience, Mexico City is the home of Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico. The sister festival to the famous Las Vegas edition, this week of EDM, techno and trance music transports guests to another planet. From the vivid colors and costumes throughout the day to the nocturnal neon landscapes, let your imagination come alive and marvel at the sheer scale of the event. Each area within the festival is built to represent the relationship between technology and nature; in some spaces, fire reigns supreme, while in others, it’s the elements of air and water. It’s all soundtracked by headline performers including Skrillex, Snakehips and Lost Frequencies.


Unfortunately you’ll have to travel outside Mexico City for the country’s biggest carnivals, but you’ll find free musical entertainment on the capital’s streets all year round, with a brilliant array of traditional music for which the country is synonymous. The most famous street party, and rivaling any carnival, is Day of the Dead. Taking place on the last day of October and first two days of November, Mexicans celebrate their dearly departed with ritual offerings and festivities that overtake the normal rhythm of the city.

Where best to grab a local music memento?

If you’re looking to pick up some cool music while visiting, Mexico City has plenty of fantastic record stores. Discos Mono is well known for supporting local artists and has a beautifully-curated collection of underground music across genres, while the friendly, knowledgeable staff will be sure to recommend something you may never have heard. La Roma Records is another hip vinyl store with a fantastic array of new cutting-edge sounds for you to stock up on.


Whether you’re checking out a local band in the back of a pizza restaurant, dancing to EDM in a neon alien landscape, or feeling the rhythms of Day Of The Dead, Mexico City’s sprawling music scene brings amazing entertainment around every corner.