Tom Grennan


United Kingdom - Bedford - Indie Rock


Early career

Born and raised in Bedford, the 23-year-old’s childhood was a fairly typical one. Aside from an MP3 player his mate’s brother loaded up with grime, music was never a big part of his life growing up. Until, that is, he had a little too much to drink at a party, and demanded that everyone listen to him sing, but his performance was clearly impressive. His friends, unaware before that night that he could even hold a tune, roped him into joining their A Level band. It was something altogether more traumatic that prompted Grennan to turn to songwriting. At the age of 18, a group of strangers attacked him on the street. However, it left its mark, and not just from the metal plates, “I was in a mad dark place. It hurt me mentally. I had this build-up of emotions”. Therefore, without much intention of ever showing anyone, he started writing about it. Influenced by the likes of Ray Charles, Kendrick Lamar and Amy Winehouse, he poured his trauma, his pent-up pain and frustration, into songs.


His success

Tom’s debut album, Lighting Matches, was released in July of 2018 – The album debuted at #5 and was awarded a brits certified ‘Breakthrough Artist’ award, making it the biggest debut album by a male UK signed act in 2018.


“You only live life once, so you got to make every bit of it count,” he says with an infectious enthusiasm. Lighting Matches reflects that passion. “Lighting Matches is just igniting the flame,” he says, “and igniting the dream.”

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