Off The Record : Die Bude

11th July 2019

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Sascha Pulm - Die Bude
« Die Bude is a Berlin-based music management company with an exciting roster of five German acts, including OK KID, who have just played seven intimate shows for ibis Music across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It also looks after the careers of Alex Mayr, BRUCKNER, MAL ÉLEVÉ, and Manual Kant and runs a music publishing called Kabul Fire Publishing together with the successful producer Farhot, specialized in Hiphop producers. »

ibis Music spoke to one of the two founders of the organisation, Sascha Pulm, to learn about the roles and responsibilities of being an artist manager, and what’s required from both the manager and the artist to make a successful relationship work.


What are the key roles of an artist manager?

A manager takes care of his artists in all aspects of their careers and should be a close confidant. They should help artists develop their vision and transport their art to the world… oh and then when the artist is out front and being the star, they should be in the background drinking beer.


When you first hear a new act, what are the key qualities that makes you want to work with them?


You have to speak with any artist on the phone at least 20 times a day so it’s vital from the start that the vibe and friendship is right. You also have to feel that the artist is completely into their career and willing to be a work animal, and likewise, you’ve also got be fully committed 24/7. If the vibe is right and there’s a feeling of commitment on both sides, then it’s the really key aspects - the music needs to be good and have potential, and you need to feel the artist can truly perform it live. Then we're in.


Launching an artist can be a long-term project – what are the key components you have to get right?  


Yes, it’s a long struggle with plenty of highs and lows, so it’s essential as an artist you have serious commitment, the will to make it, the ability to create great music, social media skills, and the desire to play amazing live shows. As a manager, you have to be involved in every aspect of this, so as well as being very patient, you’ll need a range of skills to help any artist make it to the top.


Is it still as important as ever for bands to play live shows in new places?

Yes, more then ever I believe. We live in a time of so much music and most of it’s not going to make a long-term impact on people, so it’s absolutely crucial to play live to show you’re a real artist and not just a one-hit-wonder. 

What is your proudest achievement with one of your acts?

We only started our company two years ago but we’ve had an amazing ride so far. We’ve already won one Echo Award, had a nomination for Best Album at 1Live Krone, and a sold-out tour with 60,000 tickets sold. That’s just what happened in our first year, but we’re only just getting started!


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