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2nd May 2019

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« Advice to up-&-coming artists on how to harness the power Spotify »

In this new monthly Off The Record series on ibis Music, we’re going to speak to key people from different areas of the music industry who can offer valuable advice to up and coming artists to help launch their career. In later editions, we’ll be speaking to a global record label, a successful music manager and the booking team of a major music festival, but we begin with Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming service with over 200m users.  

ibis Music spoke to Drew Lam from the Artist & Label Marketing team at the UK office to see how the company supports new talent. His role within Spotify is acting as point of contact for artists, labels and managers, representing their interests to the wider Spotify business. In addition, he helps promote and market exciting new music through the platform and assisting acts to discover and grow their audience. Prior to joining the company, Drew worked in artist management for several international acts, so has vast experience on both sides of the artist/streaming platform relationship.


Growing a following

ibis Music: What advice can you give to new artists to help promote themselves on Spotify? 

Drew Lam: An artist can promote themselves by building up followers on Spotify by driving regular traffic of fans into your artist page. The more followers an artist has, the more likely their music will pick up traction with some of our algorithm-driven playlists like Discover Weekly & Release Radar). This will in turn inform our playlist editors of organic traction for tracks, which helps them with playlist support considerations. 


By engaging with your listeners, you are more likely to turn them into your fans in the long term. We have some recommended best practice guides and videos on how to promote music and building a following on Spotify for Artists


The power of data

ibis Music: How can new acts use their Spotify For Artists data to help reach new audiences? 

Drew Lam: With access to Spotify for Artists data, you’ll be able to track which of your songs are performing best and learn how fans are discovering and listening to your music around the world. Your stats can help you and their artist team make informed decisions, from how to run promotional campaigns, pick new singles, or even route their next tour.


Get noticed

ibis Music: Is there any other support available for new artists to help them increase visibility on the platform? 
Drew Lam: Definitely! Artists and their teams can submit new music for Spotify playlist consideration. Once submitted, the song is flagged with our editorial team who can filter through and select for their playlists. We’ll also add it to your followers’ Release Radar playlist (learn more about submitting a song for playlist consideration). 

It’s also simple to share your music on all your social channels, and you can copy song, album, or playlist links direct into status fields in Facebook and Instagram. And when you share a Spotify song link on Twitter, it creates a custom, playable audiocard, so fans can play the song right there.  
Also worth considering is promoting a new release or upcoming concert with tailored audio ads. Spotify Ad Studio provides the tools you need to create and manage audio campaigns in minutes, with flexible options for different sized budgets. Even if you’ve never made an audio ad before, Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy — simply share a script, pick a background track, then receive a fully-produced audio ad to review, complete with a recorded voiceover (learn more about Spotify Ad Studio here).  


Many thanks to Drew and Spotify for the advice, demonstrating vital steps artists can make to  maximize the platform’s capabilities, as well as some valuable specialist advice about using its powerful marketing options to help promote your music to potential new fans. But the first step is to get writing! Make some music, upload to Spotify, and your career can truly begin!