The sound check: Boulevard des Airs

10th May 2019

France - France Team

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« In conversation with Boulevard des Airs discussing their favourite tracks »

As part of ibis Music, we’re hosting over 40 intimate gigs featuring the hottest up-&-coming talent, plus four headline artists in six key countries. Throughout the year we’ll be sitting down with all of these headliners to discuss new music they’ve recently discovered, what influences their songwriting, and the songs that make them sentimental. 

Hailing from Tarbes in France, Boulevard des Airs have a unique musical style that blends classic French pop with a wide range of musical genres. To understand how they create such an eclectic and unmistakable body of work, we met them to discuss their inspirations and the artists they believe stand out from the crowd.

Who’s your biggest musical influence?

It’s too difficult to just name one. We’re a band… and open to different music influences: pop music, electro music, world music… We don’t want to limit ourselves.


What track reminds you of being young?

Without a doubt it’s Manu Chao – ‘Me Gustas tu’


Which artist have your heard for the first time recently & loved?

It’s not the first time we heard him but we recently fell in love again with Hans Zimmer.


Who’s underrated as an artist?

Xavier Rudd. We love what he’s doing at the moment.


If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

It’s not really about someone special but more a feeling you have at a certain time. That’s what happened with Vianney for our track ‘Allez Reste’. It just felt right.


How do you use Spotify to help find new music? 
We use Spotify on a daily basis. We find the playlist system very useful to discover new tracks.




If you want to learn more about Boulevard des Airs’ listening habits, check our exclusive playlist curated by the band (below) or visit the ibis Music Spotify page. 

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