When in Antwerp, with ibis MUSIC

5th May 2019

Netherlands - Diane Dekker

Ludoviq & The Whocares - LIVE ibis MUSIC Antwerp
« One of the lucky winners of our local Facebook contest tells us all about her tales heading for the ibis MUSIC gig in ibis Antwerpen Centrum! »

ibis Music gig in Antwerp

We've been invited to join a music event, the ibis Music gig at ibis Antwerpen Centrum.  

We are now on our way to the center of Antwerp. The purpose of the gigs is to provide a stage for local, up-and-coming artists in an intimate setting. One of those artists will ultimately be invited to perform at the Sziget festival in Budapest from the 7th till the 13th of August.  

So, in the train to Antwerp, we feel so excited! The Antwerp station is a beautiful building!  

Our arrival at ibis Antwerpen Centrum is amazing. We are welcomed so kindly, receive a welcome present and are assigned room 420. Once in the room, we are even more surprised: there is a welcome message on a card and on the mirror, we love this!  

After leaving the hotel in a superb mood, it is time to go shopping. If there is one place to shop, it is in Antwerp!! The location of the hotel is perfect, just 5 minutes walking from Meir (biggest shopping street in Antwerp). The ‘’stadsfeestzaal’’ is a must see; it is beautiful just walking through it.  

After all this shopping, we can relax at Sébastien, located next to the parking garage on Meir. This local café has the most delicious home-made coffee and pastries. You should definitely look it up, you won’t regret it! 

Then, the shopping continues... 

Although the weather is not the best, there is live music throughout this beautiful city, bringing a warm atmosphere to it.  

Now it is time for a quick bite! Time flew by and we don’t want to miss the ibis MUSIC gig so fast food it is. Looking around at all the food delivery bikes around us, it seems we aren't the only ones choosing the easy option tonight.  

The atmosphere in the hotel is vibrant from the moment we walk in.  

You can really describe it as a small and intimate living room concert. The hotel lobby is decorated with carpets, plants, cushions and more. It looks so cozy!  There are snacks going around and the first drink is on the house. A home away from home! It is time for ‘’Catbug’’. She is a singer/songwriter and even plays the guitar during her songs.  

After Catbug's performance, the gig continues with Ludoviq & the Whocares and we are all blown away. What a great party! We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be here. What a pity it is over so soon. The DJ keeps the party going for a while, but to be honest, Ludoviq & the Whocares could have been on stage all night if it were up to me.  

To the rhythm of the music, we dance to our room. There is a very nice carpet in the hallway and our light switch lets us know that our room is not afraid of the dark... That's good to know! At least we can go to bed feeling relaxed.  

After a good night's sleep, we are ready for breakfast. It turns out to be another party with home-made orange juice and freshly baked waffles waiting for us.  

After checking out, we are not ready to go home just yet because you cannot leave Antwerp without visiting the zoo.  

It is such a lovely zoo that is definitely worth a visit.  

Unfortunately, it is now time to go home already and we leave Antwerp with a bag full of ibis beer and Lay’s salt and pepper crisps. We had a wonderful stay in Antwerp and are definitely coming back!  

If you ever plan a visit to Antwerp, I fully recommend you to book ibis Antwerpen Centrum! It is only 10 minutes walking distance from the central station and 5 minutes from the city center. This hotel provides a great welcome, compact but clean rooms and a good shower and bed. What else do you need?! 

And let's not forget... Attend one of ibis MUSIC's gigs! The next ones are happening:  
- the 23rd of May in Rotterdam  
- the 6th of June in Brussels 
- the 13th of June in Amsterdam 

Just go, it is so cozy! Entrance is free and you even receive a free drink when you register online.

Do you want to see pictures of Diane's trip in Antwerp? Or any of her other trips? Check out Diane's blog at http://jaantjesblog.dekkerland.com/